Couples Sex Game Night - Compilation #6



This fun game bundle comes in a black rectangular lined PU leather basket.  Basket measures 15"W * 10"D * 5"H.  Filled basket measures approximately 15"W * 10"D * 12"H.

Couples Sex Game Night - Compilation #6 is a fun assortment featuring the game "SEXOPOLY".


      • "SEXOPOLY" board game.  Designed for 2-8 players, use Sexopoly as an ice breaker when getting to know new people or surprise your best friends at your next get together.  Whatever happens, it will guarantee to have you all laughing!  Although the game follows a classic board game format, the content gives a salacious twist to moving around the board.  If you thought board games were boring, think again.  This sexy board game lets you create your own limits and forfeits to make play as daring as you desire.

      • "YOU & ME" BLINDFOLD increases sexual anticipation & enhances intimate pleasure.

      • "BLOW JOB KIT" with everything you need to give the oral performance of a lifetime!  Don't let going down make you frown!  Includes the Blow Job Bib, Spit Bag when the load is just too much to take, Popping Body Candy to make him sizzle and shake, ID Frutopia Flovered Lube Sachet & a Breath Mint for when the job is done!

      • "YOU & ME BED OF ROSES" Intimate moments made even more special.  Nothing says romance like roses.  Sprinkle these fabric rose petals over the bed for a truly romantic evening.  Make your romantic moments truly special.  The tag includes 4 sexy suggestions to delight and excite!

      • Premium Quality Lubricant Tube

      • 3 exciting lube packets

      • Large white towel (43"x 23") with the text "GREAT SEX PUTS ME IN A GREAT MOOD"

      • Black Washcloth with the text "AFTER SEX"

      • Clean Up Supplies

      • Candle & Matches

      • Best Sensation Silicone "Fun Cuffs"

      • Multi-Use Best Sensation Bandana

      • Reusable tote bag

      *** PACKAGING NOTE ***   All sexual toys and devices in baskets are individually packaged in airtight sealed safety plastic.

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