The Solo Quickie - Vagina Included - Compilation #1


This bundle comes in a black oval-shaped metal wire basket with a wire handle.  Basket measures 11"W * 8"D * 6"H.  Filled basket measures approximately 13"W * 10"D * 7"H.

This Solo Quickie with Vagina has everything you need to pleasure yourself whenever you want... 


      • "BEST SENSATION'S SILICONE VAGINA MASTURBATION TOY" measures 5" long with a 7" flexible girth handle.  This medical grade silicone vagina is so flexible and realistic... it just feels awesome!  Durable and washable, made to be enjoyed a long time!

      • ANAL STIMULATION BALLS with stems. Set of 3 sizes.  S: 24mm  M: 29mm  L: 34mm

      • SILICONE TUBE COCK RING Adjustable with 2 balls.

      • Premium Quality Lubricant Tube

      • Packets of exciting lubricants

      • Cleanup supplies

      • Washcloth with the text "AFTER SEX"

      • Reusable tote bag

      *** PACKAGING NOTE ***   All sexual toys and devices in baskets are individually packaged in airtight sealed safety plastic.

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